Our time dating site scams

I tried for 1 month, sent out over messages and the only response I received was from a woman who I had seen on another site. Lots of pictures, but few living active members. To date people on these web sie. I have been on the site for four days. When contacting People Our time dating site scams, the first rep we spoke to argued with us that if some suspicious happened they would have contacted us.

Deborah Schaper

OurTime customer service is inline with their site. I can't log in at all right now and I can't even google how to contact them. I wonder where these people come from, the gutter?

They asked me about my experience with him and I told them I went out with him two times. I really think they need to do a better job our time dating site scams screening the profiles. I send and reply back to emails and get no replies, I noticed most men just want to chat for hours and never met up with you. Every time I log in I receive 15, 20 messages that someone flirted or messaged me.

I cordially send them a complete message, then I do not hear from them. Many responses without pictures, many immediately asking for your email address. I subscribed to match. There is no supervisor you are able to contact. This site is a waste of money, but worse, a BIG waste of time. YOU go for Love. No info on Chris or his wife who died in a car crash 6 years ago. I only did so because my curiosity got the best of me; I wanted to see who tried reaching me, either by flirt or our time dating site scams message.

And those who say the same picture floats through continuously are correct. There are no refunds for any payments plus you are also obligated to pay the remainder of the subscription fees for the package option you signed up for.

I tried to get my our time dating site scams back but got no response. What the heck is going on here? I finally did some digging and could not confirm the details he was stating and discredited the ones that he did. This business has very dubious billing practices.

The site our time dating site scams people in my area and the price was about the same as the other sites but with people my age and men that were looking for a woman the our time dating site scams age. For starters, I had one of the guys tell me that they pay people on the our time dating site scams to send emails to keep you hooked. They will never offer to meet you or call you. They still wont refund me and take me off there so am in it for the long hall till sept 6th my month is up When a mistake is made, it is all best dating profile for a girl impossible to get ahold of customer service or get a refund.

But the number of complaints being made against them suggests that buyers should proceed cautiously, as the sites cannot promise safety from predators. Payments are setup on autopay each month and your subscription is set up on auto renewal.

Our time dating site scams for you, bad for them. This site is filled with scammers…all wonderful God-fearing guys who make betweentoa year and who immediately ask for YOUR email address or text no.

Since this is all computerized, how hard can it be? I could not in good conscience run a site like this. I've contacted them 5 times with no resolution. They were quick to respond and took action. Not only are we having difficulty finding the right our time dating site scams partner, but now there are so many online dating.

The 7 or better dating site experience is also fully customizable with token-based perks and gold membership. More than half of matches plenty of fish dating site search not real people.

We should all create our own dating site. Anyone can sign up for a free account and view profiles, but they can not communicate with other members. I have been on our time for more than a year. They claim to have a college education…. I just wanted go to dinner see a show have a laugh Not a hook up this site is a Ruuse. I feel that I just wasted a hundred bucks! Lots of married men and I am sure women on these sites, beware!

If things are not working it does not matter where Our Times is, a scam is a scam. The reason you are more likely not to is because of the boatload free dating in new york city errors that exist at both sites — bogus flirts, bogus views, false contacts, semi-empty or virtually empty profiles which, IMO, should not be permitted to appear til fully completescant few replies to messages left to the women allegedly contacted with the uncertainty whether some of these ladies actually exist.

Take the necessary safety precautions and always meet in a public place. Then he disappear, so I sent him a message saying that I had read many complaints about this site, so if he was not the person he was, that at least responded, just say goodbye, not interested.

He saw my profile, he seemed nice, I responded to some messages talking about travel, nothing heavy. Plenty Of Fish is much better. This is a horrible dating site. Everyone of you that negatively reviewed the site in question sound like the good guys. Were there justice in this world these losers would be forced to watch porn 24 hours a day with their hands cuffed behind their backs!

My most recent nut no showed twice and then called me our time dating site scams stalker. You probably can on most any dating site though. I am not ugly and have the same hopes as many do. OurTime did NOT care! These emails may be transactional or relationship communications relating to the Service.

Dating and waiting columbia sc fixed them, I canceled the card so no more billing me!

I also received matches from men hundreds of miles our time dating site scams. Unfortunately, in this world it seems negative outweighs the positive. I get matched with smokers. Although I can no longer access my premium features, I am smart enough to look in the left margin to see that there are no red highlights, indicators that ladies are attempting to reach me, thus necessitating my renewal to do so. Believe me — not so easy to cancel. Keep an eye on your inbox, the lastest consumer news is on it's way!

Quick Sign Up Continue with Google. Comment our time dating site scams this review. Yep you guessed it I think they just wanted my photos and info. Are you mentally challenged? Many more never read my profile!

Then there's the photos of the grand kids, pets and the all-to-familiar photos of women at their favorite vacation spots!!! I cannot guarantee I will do this but if the demand is expressed, I will look for tech people to help put it all together.

Also The website needs a total makeover its outdated and getting your inbox messages is more work than its worth. Of course you have to pay to be able to read and send e-mail. Try a different dating site. I hope I do not get charged 8 fees as they were originally declined. I am retired and cannot afford this. After an email of a really bad day, I decided to call the number he provided. Too scary out their for this ole gal.

It is IMO view very catchy and potentially explosive. Once I renew my subscription I discover that virtually all our time dating site scams these supposed our time dating site scams are bogus. I, too, wanted to get a refund, but NO! It is also possible that these people are all scammers and that Our Time is not doing an adequate job of protecting members from scammers.

One day he was receiving views from all over the US. They have sent many matches our time dating site scams are hours away or in other countries, not in the same city as I requested. I finished the end of the month and I have only been with them a week. I signed up when you guy just started. My problem has been more with the quality of men I have met and dated men with moderate to severe mental health issues.

Even with all the fakes on Match. Then there is another, perhaps darker, side to the consumer our time dating site scams I don't think OurTime does anything to check their customers' legitimacy, I canceled my membership after two week.

I have answered some. No help, just an email from some other. My ratings for this site is minus stars for overall, features, price and customer service.

The merchant phone provided to my credit company is dead. Harvard Business School graduate, Mark Brooks, has been an expert in the Internet dating business since When Our time dating site scams called OurTime for a refund they only offered to extend my membership a couple of days.

Our time dating site scams got my money so what do you care? I keep getting emails from Out Time and am so glad I read your reviews. To top it off, my account was hacked. Go to your paypay account and open the link named Peoplemedia Inc.

Obviously, they don't screen their clients. Sometimes more that one. There were many red flags in the communications.

291 OurTime.com Consumer Reviews and Complaints udobnoe.info Scams People Over 50 Years Of Age (REVIEW) 4 comments Reviews, Scams Owned and run by the People Media 50+ Network, udobnoe.info another one of this company’s dating sites for men and women over 50 years of age, which also include the previously reviewed by the Dating Cop Team websites such as, udobnoe.info and. Like every other "dating" site there is NO way to filter by race, weight, or other critical, personal requirements. Everyone should pass on Our Time. I cancelled my auto renewal but they renewed me anyway and refused to give back my fee. Customer service does nothing. Your Comment. Lost. 3 Reviews. Scam. The Our Time dating website is a total scam. Within one day of subscribing, they sent numerous emails out to other members saying that i liked their photo, flirts, and adding members as favorites, without my knowledge or approval.

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